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ZUS x mosh! - Latte Series Straw Tumbler 480ml (16oz)

ZUS x mosh! - Latte Series Straw Tumbler 480ml (16oz)

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mosh! Latte Series Straw Tumbler is inspired by paper cups from the coffee shop and the enamel kettle of Japan. It is a portable tumbler with a reusable-detachable silicone straw that can be cleaned easily and used repeatedly.

This is a strictly limited edition, available in 2 iconic ZUS brand colors - with only 1,000 available for each color.

Product Details

Volume: 480ml (16oz)
Weight: 300g
Height: 17.8cm×9.5cm 
Heat retention: > 47 degree (6 hours)
Cold retention: < 11 degree(6 hours)

Inner bottle: Stainless Steel
Body: Stainless Steel
Tumbler's Mouth: Polypropylene
Lid: Polypropylene & Thermoplastic Elastomer
Lid's Stopper Gasket: Silicone
Mouth's Stopper Gasket: Silicone
Straw: Silicone
Straw Connector: Silicone

How To Use

1 - Pour your favourite drink or have your favourite cafe pour you one. Keeps warm or cold up to 6 hours.

2 - Can be used in two ways:
- drink with a straw
- directly drink with mouthpiece

3 - Straw can be detached for easy cleaning

Product Warnings

- Ensure that the stopper gasket is attached firmly.
- Make sure that the lid set is closed firmly.
- Keep away from heat sources such as gas stoves.
- Do not heat in a microwave oven.
- Do not put the bottle inside a freezer.
- Fill the beverage less than the bottom edge of lid set.
- Do not drop or hit against hard surfaces or allow an impact shock on the body.
- Do not boil the main body and the lid set.
- Do not use a dishwasher and dish-dryer.

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Towards Sustainable Consumption

ZUS x mosh! merges sustainable drinking initiative of the House with innovative drinkware brand, in which the cornerstone of both brands is encoded in this best-selling tumbler series.

The ever-new straw revolution

An extra reusable straw could be inconvenient, and disposable straw is not sustainable. With this silicone straw that goes around the top of the bottle, you can choose to either drink with straw or from the mouthpiece, and reuse it later.

The elegance of a retro coffee experience

Designed to mimic the conventional coffee cup and made with soft luster peculiar to enamel - this tumbler is set to make drinking ritualistic and reminiscent of a coffee shop.

The resistance to both cold and warm

Thoughtfully engineered with the latest vacuum technology to keep your liquid either warm or cold for up to 6 hours, so you can carry the same tumbler everywhere everytime.

The Elegant, Practical, Timeless Tumbler

  • Dual-Purpose

    Keeping your drink cold and warm just like how you like it

  • Push Cover Design

    Ensure maximum water flow and convenient one-handed drinking

  • Food Grade Straw

    Made with high-grade silicone for both endurance and safety

  • Big Mouth Cup

    Quick to fill and easy to clean just like old times

  • Constant Temperature

    Tested to keep consistent temperature either cold or warm up to 6 hours

  • Beautiful Design

    Elegant design and warm texture that will catch anyone's eyes

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