Pocket-Sized Caffeination

Hello there, as you read this, you might currently be up in the cloud or in a mundane meeting, craving a quick caffeine fix to combat that drowsiness.

Thanks to ZUS Specialty Coffee Capsule, your passport to coffee freedom is here.

The Magic Behind

Here’s how we revolutionized instant coffee: we start with the finest beans, skillfully blend and roast it then turn them into particles that dissolve instantly in water. Enjoy specialty coffee within seconds.

a Necessity, Everywhere

290+ Outlets Launched

2,500,000+ App Downloads

46,914,000+ Cups Served

At ZUS Coffee, we picture a world where everyone can enjoy specialty coffee, anywhere. This travel-friendly blue cup is a huge step towards that dream.

Let the aroma of specialty coffee fuel you, wherever you are. Loved it? Why not join us as we continue to unlock more possiblities.

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