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It’s durable & aesthetic

I love the blue batik design & the liquid tight lid. The tumbler is heat safe and I can hold it without scalding.

I didn’t receive the QR colds for the BYZT program along with my order. I wrote a separate email requesting for it. The team did solve the issue. But would appreciate if they provided the qr code saving the emails time.

ZUS Drip Bag Coffee - Brazil Santos - 7's
Muhammad Naim Abdul Rahman
Grand, superb!

Brewing coffee is a ritual and it's fragrant and tasty

ZUS Malaysiaku Tumbler 470ml (16oz) - Batik

Batik Tumbler

Hot/cold beverage last long. Cover tight hard to remove. overall I love the tumbler

ZUS Signature Mixes Coffee - Salted Caramel Latte - 5's

Taste of Drip Bag Coffee Brazil Santos

Love the smell and taste which is not too strong too light..very refreshing! Such aromatherapy for me..

Tumblr Batik ni sangat cantik haha sebab tu je saya beli. After this i hope ZUS will keluarkan design tumblr yang menarik macam Batik maybe season tumblr ke sebab memang orang akan beli. Now orang dah tak beli Starbuck pendapat i lah and yeah i sendiri support ZUS and i love it.

ZUS Phone Stand - Hot Cup - Thunder Blue

Love the design

Received in 2 days. Fast delivery. Already used the tumbler. Good.

[PRE-ORDER] ZUS Malaysiaku Tumbler 470ml (16oz) - Batik

Nice Design

the design make it unique, very malaysian. I'm proud to have 1. the lid a bit hard to open up, but it purpose to seal from leaking. I forgot to drink a bout 6 hours, the ice inside still in solid shape. for hot drinks situation also same, still hot even long hour.

[PRE-ORDER] ZUS Malaysiaku Tumbler 470ml (16oz) - Batik

I just like it!

The colour is fanstastic!

[PRE-ORDER] ZUS x Fire Fighter - Limited Edition 1kg Fire Crème Extinguisher
Hafiz Nazzeri
Unique & Exclusive

First time Coffee Shop sale Fire extinguisher. But I like the design, it's so unique and look different from ordinary fire extinguisher.

ZUS Drip Bag Coffee - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - 7's

ZUS Phone Stand - Hot Cup - Thunder Blue


satisfied even not very similar with coffee on the go...😊

ZUS Phone Stand - Hot Cup - Thunder Blue
Muhammad Irfan Bakri Bin Abdullah Wong
ZUS Phone Stand - Hot Cup - Thunder Blue

The Parcel Was Delivered On The Estimate Date And The Packaging In A Good Condition..I Really Like And Satisfy With Design@Colour Of The Phone Stand..Thumbs Up & Keep It Up With The Good Job...👍👍😇😇

[PRE-ORDER] ZUS Signature Mixes Coffee - Caffè Latte - 5's

Steel straw

I m comfortable using it.

Great taste with easy to use drip bag

Classy drip bag and the taste of the coffee is fantastic, smell good too...

taste so-so, thank you

[PRE-ORDER] ZUS Signature Mixes Coffee - Caffè Latte - 5's

this coffee is not for everyone.

the coffee is too strong for me.not for my liking.